Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Virtual Model Stuff


Over the past week or two things have moved away from the modelling bench onto the computer once again. I have had a few half finished projects which have been annoying me so I have been making an effort to get them completed. There is still a bit of work to do but at least there has been some progress...

1. The 3D printed wheels.

I have had the first batch printed for me by Shapeways and things look promising. For those of you who dont know the idea was to produce 3D printed wheel centers which then press into existing Steel wheel rims produced by the 2mm Scale Association. So far I have tried a few different types including the Boxpok wheels above and also a set of 9mm wheels which I have fitted to a Graham Farish Pannier Tank engine. I have a few ideas to improve them including a couple of plans to help with wheel quatering so watch this space as they say...

2. Kerosene Castle.

I have managed to spend a little more time working on this but there is still quite alot to do. The basic shape is now completed with only details now to add.

3. Peckett.

Finger crossed this is now finished and is now sitting in my Shapeways account ready for printing. It was the first engine I drew for 3D printing and so I am keen to see how it turns out. The reason why the roof and boiler look like that is because the plan is to have them removable and so they are held onto the body with sprues. The boiler also has been designed to fit one of my 137:1 gearboxes in a chassis which is etched.

4. Etch stuff.

A plan is also underway to get some more bits etched soon. As with the last lot of etches there is a collection of bits and pieces from all sorts of projects including a revised chassis for the Peckett (above), City of Truro bits, as well as some swanky bits for a fellow 2mm modeller (below)...

'Stay tuned' for more about these in time...

Julia :)