Saturday, 31 October 2015

Before and After, Opinions Needed


I have taken a couple of the wagons that have been mentioned in previous blogs and subjected them to a bit of weathering. This time though, I have changed my approach and tried out a selection of the newish Humbrol washes to see what sort of results I can achieve.

Below are a couple of photos showing before (left) and after (right) to show what I have achieved. Now before I carry on with the remaining wagons I thought it would be wise to post this and canvass everyones opinion first. Apologies for the not-so good quality photos but hopefully you can get a good enough idea on what they look like.

So, what do you think?

Julia :o)

Monday, 26 October 2015

Going Old Skool (& MHR stuff)


Yes, do not adjust your monitors, I have added the transfers to the china clay wagons.

OK, so its a departure from my normal 1950's/60's stuff but I do have a plan for these. It might work or not but the idea currently is to rub most of the GW stuff off and re-livery them to suit something a little more appropriate. It then will hopefully just a case of comming up with an excuse why they ended up in deepest Hampshire.

The other thing worth mentioning is on Saturday I had the pleasure of popping down to the Mid Hants Railway with my railway friend Andy once again. It was the Autumn Steam Gala and a thoroughly enjoyable day regardless of the weather. The highlight for me was definitely having a mooch around the various new (and old) workshops at Ropley, I haven't been around them before and I was seriously impressed by them.

 There were some more unusual trains too...

Julia :o)


Got these through the post today, some castings for 6mm driving wheels and I am impressed with the results so far.