Friday, 24 July 2015

Diesel Days (with a bit of steam too)...

Hello again.

Since my last post I haven't been totally idle modelling wise although a few 'issues' with the mechanics on my van haven't helped with the modelling mojo at all. I thought it was worth a post to show that I nearly have two more usable engines, okay, so they are not a couple of lovely steam engines but some early diesels instead. The plan is for these to provide some sort of motive power on the layout until they can be replaced by things which are a little more interesting to me. Because of that I have done the bare minimum to them really, had the wheels turned by Gordon S and fitted some NEM DG couplings.

Its a good feeling to know that once they have some decoders fitted there are two more usable engines, even more so there are two less engines on my ever increasing pile of 'to convert' N gauge things.
Finally I must say a really BIG thanks once again to Steve T who has again done an absolute brilliant job with the weathering, the pictures do not do them justice.

Oh, and I spent a day here..

A brilliant little railway and a refreshing change from seeing large mainline engines trundle around at 30 mph. Highly recommended.

Julia :o)

Saturday, 4 July 2015

Painting Pigeons

Hello again :o)

A while ago now when I was putting an order into Shapeways for some of my 3D printed parts I came across these...

As per normal I thought to myself "those look good, I am sure I can use them somewhere" and so promptly added them to my shopping cart.

Well, roll on a year (or two) and I thought while I was working on the goods shed for Highclere that the roof would look nice with something extra. After 'some time' wading through box after box of railway bits and bobs I found the little birdies and then made a start painting them. First the obligatory coat of Halfords finest primer...

They looks much better but then I thought I couldnt just stick some plain Grey birdies onto the layout so I got my paintbrushes out to add a little bit of colour to them (or some of them)...

This made them look much better and a bit more like the Pigeons I know. Some of these were then superglued onto the ridge tiles of the newly refreshed goods shed...

I am happy with that, the goods shed is now toned down a bit plus it now has some little birdies on the roof. The only thing now is how long they will actually last! They don't seem that bothered about the passing trains.

Julia :o)