Monday, 14 January 2013

January 2013


Modelling has slowed down a bit recently but thankfully not stopped. The most notable thing recently was I finally managed to get another test etch done which has a few revised bits and bobs on it.

One of them was the remaining bits I needed for Highcleres yard crane based on a standard GWR 6 ton design. The majority of the bits were already drawn and were etched last year but I ran out of time to complete it so they had to wait until the next...

I am pleased with the way its turned out, the assembly went not too bad at all (for me thats quite surprising!). The next step is to paint the crane, I want to do this before I add the chain as I have some nice blackened chain which doesnt require painting. Also I need to build the hook and pulley once again, I have already done it once but cannot find it! Luckily there is a spare on the etch!

Secondly City of Truro was also included on this etch. The first time I found quite a few mistakes with it so I was looking forward to trying out my revised design...

This time I got a bit further but sadly there are still a few design issues to work out. This is my first ever engine kit after all so the next attempt should be a little better.

Julia :)