Monday, 19 December 2016

Highclere - The layout that never was?


Apologies for doing this at this time of the year, it has once again been on my mind now for a while and I wanted to open it upto friends to try and gauge others opinions....

For a while now I have been (once again!) thinking of scrapping the layout. Progress on it for a number of years now has been painfully slow and enthusiasm has been virtually non-existent. I have tried to put it into a number of pros and cons...

  • Its always been my best work, I have tried my best to recreate something.
  • I have invested nearly 10 years of work into the layout
  • Its what I am known for and a good example of my modelling abilities
  • It always seems to get invited to shows (even if I always turn them down!)
  • It gives me focus to my modelling
  • It takes up valuable space in my flat
  • I have no interest in taking it to shows or operating it, just building it
  • I cannot set it up at home so the only time I get to test it is at a show
  • Its not 100% my area of interest
  • I feel guilty if I work on things which aren't 'connected' to the layout somehow.
So, what do I do? As I mentioned above I don't have any real interest in the layout and haven't for a while now. I havnent got an alternative place to store it so its here semi-packed up in my hallway getting in the way as there is nowhere else I can pack it up. The thing is I cant really bring myself to throw it in a skip even where it seems clear to me it would be the right thing to do.

Thoughts, opinions, and ideas will be gratefully recieved...