Saturday, 20 June 2015

A hot summers day...


Imagine a hot summers day, the birds are tweeting in the trees and the sound of crickets echo across the landscape. You hear some faint bells and clanking comming from the signalbox as the signalman sets a route for another passing train. In the distance you hear the familiar beat of an engine The sound gets louder and louder until the giant thundering beast is there in front of you, you grab for the camera....

OK, so writing stories may not be my strong point but I hope it gives a little taster of what is going through my head when I look at Highclere. As I have mentioned in previous blog entries to me its not just about how something looks but its just as important to try and recreate the atmosphere. To me its what makes a good layout excellent, if you could imagine yourself there, watching these things happen infront of you, if you could smell and hear what's going on around you.

Julia :o)

Sunday, 7 June 2015

Reaching for the lasers


Back from my hols for the time being. I thought it was worthwhile putting anther post together to show you all some of the stuff I have been upto.

Firstly on Sunday 31st May I was in Bideford at the North Devon Model Railway Show once again. This time though I took along some of my bits and bobs to show the folk down there. It was a nice little show and the visitors all were nice and friendly.

I even made it into the local newspaper there!

While I was there I also have the opportunity to spend some time with Maurice and Mike of Osborns Models. It was good to see their newish laser cutter and I was seriously impressed with the quality of the bits they are producing. Of course I couldn't resist buying some...

Some nice little garden sheds.

A small Southern signalbox, it even comes with a name of your choice

Mike also produced a couple of bits for me...

Some little ferns, Cut from green paper they are incredibly well detailed.

Some corridor connections based on a brilliant idea by John Aldrick. These particular connections hopefully will fit the Dapol Collett coaches.

Finally I have maged to get on with some modelling too after catching up on a few other things last week. I couldnt resist trying some of this stuff out...

I think they need toning down a bit. I will do something once the glue has dried.

Julia :o)