Saturday, 20 June 2015

A hot summers day...


Imagine a hot summers day, the birds are tweeting in the trees and the sound of crickets echo across the landscape. You hear some faint bells and clanking comming from the signalbox as the signalman sets a route for another passing train. In the distance you hear the familiar beat of an engine The sound gets louder and louder until the giant thundering beast is there in front of you, you grab for the camera....

OK, so writing stories may not be my strong point but I hope it gives a little taster of what is going through my head when I look at Highclere. As I have mentioned in previous blog entries to me its not just about how something looks but its just as important to try and recreate the atmosphere. To me its what makes a good layout excellent, if you could imagine yourself there, watching these things happen infront of you, if you could smell and hear what's going on around you.

Julia :o)


  1. Yep - that's exactly how I look at my models too :)

  2. Spot on - sadly I don't feel it so much with mine (too much invested in it to "make believe" maybe?) but I feel it with others.

  3. Hi Julia it really does look like you've court them at speed superb

  4. Thanks guys :o)

    Whats wrong with yours Kevin? That little 2mm layout looks like it has the potential for a bit of atmosphere.


    1. Yes well maybe, I find my N gauge one at 15 years of age and lots of swearing and what not tends not to make me think of England!! Too much time involved to give me the sense of it?? However, Stur (Nebnoswal's SDJR one) does manage to do it as does the Third Musketeer's layout Grassington. I have seen a number in the mag and on the web which manage it - Highclere being one.