Sunday, 12 October 2014

Aiming for some Atmosphere Part 2

Hello :o)

I think I have made enough progress on this to add another blog post, things have moved on a little since the last post. There are a few photos to post so lets make a start...

Thanks to Andy H for the supply of bullhead track which has meant I could make a start on the base for the engine shed. I had some Easitrack point bases already and so armed with the two I finished off the track today. The Easitrack chairs were glued onto a 0.5mm thick piece of styrene sheet which in turn was stuck to a piece of foamboard for rigidity. It also meant I could cut out the access pits and give them some depth too. The photos above show the base at the beginning of infilling the track with a couple of layers of cardboard which annoyingly gives a nice texture and colour.

We now move on a little bit and this is now how it looks, I still need to infill between the tracks followed by adding some steps to the pits but I am happy with how it looks so far. Its a shame most of the track chairs will be covered really!

And the final check 'to see if it still looks ok' The second smoke 'thing' (I still dont know what they are called!) needs adding and them the whole lot needs some details sticking on.

Julia :o)


  1. Another interesting project takes shape!
    Them 'things' are called smoke hoods I think.

  2. Hi Paul.

    Fingers crossed I will finish this 'interesting' project. How long it will stay interesting is another matter!
    Thanks for the tip-off about the smoke hoods too. Terminology is not my strong point.

  3. That does have a lot of promise indeed :)

  4. Thanks James, its what is keeping me working on the project right now.

  5. I like weathering on the loco - nice.
    What colour/texture do you have in mind for the walls?

    1. Hi Steve.
      I cannot take credit for the weathering on the loco but yes, it is superb. The plan for the walls at the moment is white painted brick. Fingers crossed I have enough laser engraved stuff left over from Highclere to do them.

    2. I think the white painted brick is a good choice as it will contrast nicely with the locomotives and allow full appreciation of their form. Good idea ;-)

    3. Thanks Steve.
      Well, thats the idea in my head anyway. I just now need to transfer that into the model! Fortunately I have a good example of a GWR shed about 10 mins drive from my house to compare it to.

  6. Really starting to take shape now. Love the smoke channels!


  7. Thanks Tom, there is still plenty of work to do on them along with lots of other things.