Tuesday, 16 September 2014

More Weathering


More photos from the painting and weathering genius that is Steve T. This time its the turn of my GW Class 52xx...

This was a Worsely Works etched kit with a scratchbuilt chassis. Detailed, painted, and transfers by my fair hands, then passed onto Steve for the finishing touches. This is the second engine to be weathered by Steve, the first being my Farish Jinty. Please bear in mind that the photos have been cropped but thats all, other than that they are camera fresh.

(A very happy)
Julia :o)


  1. Thanks Tom.

    I will pass it onto Steve as once again I cannot really take any credit for it.

  2. Top model there Julia. Hard to think it is 2mm scale.

  3. Thank you Sylvian.

    That engine and myself have been through lots with numerous different chassis and a complete front end rebuild so its really nice to see it in that condition now.

  4. I always think that the best weathering makes models look heavier and yet more delicate at the same time, which is what I think has been achieved here. Beautiful work and so carefully accomplished. The fact that it is 2mm/ft doesn't seem to enter into the equation as there is a feeling of reality here.

    1. Thanks Ian. I will pass your comment onto Steve.

      I think its also important to get the right angle when taking a photo of a model. I have found that when you get to 'eye level' (or below) it creates a much more realistic photo. To me, most photos taken from a proverbial 'Helicopter' just dont do it.

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  6. Hi me again Julia is your station building embossed plastic or brick papers I only ask as I'm not far off starting the viaduct for Brick Bridge and I'm not sure which way to go I'm thinking of making a few pillars and trying both to see which looks best

  7. Hello John.

    The buildings are a plasticard shell with laser engraved brick paper stuck to them. I found the engraving of the mortar gave the brickwork just the right amount of relief.


  8. That sounds good is it available

  9. Unfortunately I got it done by a friend but I would recommend contacting Osborns Models (http://www.osbornsmodels.com/) as they are producing laser cut stuff now and I am sure they could help out.